How City of Essen Protected Their SAP System

Apr 17, '18 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

Essen Systemhaus (ESH) is the central IT and telephone service provider for the City of Essen in the western region of Germany. Essen, the ninth-largest city in Germany houses a population of almost 600,000, making Essen Systemhaus’s work of critical importance. ESH also manages and advises more than 40 different departments, institutes, and in-house operations, making its work vital to the city’s functionality.

The City of Essen needed an SAP-based process for city administrators to electronically file and share important documents, turning to ESH to make that happen. However, ESH knew very well that directly uploading files into SAP could result in major cybersecurity threats. They searched for a solution that would safeguard the City’s vital SAP system without impairing the end-user experience.

The Answer: bowbridge Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions

After reviewing the offerings of multiple providers and getting recommendations from other SAP users, ESH chose bowbridge’s Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions.

Cautious by nature, ESH decided to give Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions a 40-day trial. Then, they put it through rigorous testing, throwing multiple, often hidden, file types at the solution’s filters to see if they could be fooled.

The result? bowbridge passed the test with flying colors, with absolutely no adjustments needed to the application. And now the City of Essen has an easy SAP system-based administrative process that is also 100% secure.

Want to know the secret to this success and what ESH had to say about the experience? Read the Essen Systemhaus case study to learn more about the benefits bowbridge delivered.

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 bowbridge helps secure the City of Essen's data and systems from cyberattack. Read the case study.