Your data is no longer within your walls. But it can still be within your control.

Modern SAP applications are commonly exposed to untrusted users, untrusted networks, and untrusted devices. This requires organizations to implement robust security controls on the data that flows in and out of these applications.

Application Delivery Controller for SAP Solutions by bowbridge will ensure the availability, integrity and performance of web-exposed SAP applications for on-premises and cloud-based SAP implementations.

All too often, cybersecurity measures come with the price of decreased performance. Application Delivery Controller is for those who refuse to compromise, protecting against attacks while improving the user experience and application server resource-utilization.

Unlike competing solutions, bowbridge Application Delivery Controller will be software-only, cloud-ready and built specifically for SAP applications, making it the market’s only software-based Application Delivery Controller for SAP applications.

How will you benefit from bowbridge Application Delivery Controller?

  • Improved security and compliance
  • Tight integration with SAP and enterprise security tools
  • Easy deployment in the cloud and on-premise
  • Unprecedented visibility into performance and security posture
  • Improved user experience and performance