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bowbridge Software Releases Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions V4.0 on Linux

MÜNCHEN, GERMANY, NOVEMBER 13, 2023 – Today, bowbridge Software GmbH released Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions Version 4.0 for Linux. This groundbreaking iteration of the company’s flagship anti-virus solution is built on their expertise in SAP and cybersecurity, and allows SAP users to enjoy robust security, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

“This latest release has been completely re-architected to meet today’s enterprise requirements,” says Joerg Schneider-Simon, Chief Technology Officer and company co-founder. “It delivers robust protection against file-based cyberattacks while working seamlessly with SAP’s unique internal architecture.”

Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions V4.0 is highly modular, so enterprises have more options for on-premises deployments. It can be deployed on individual SAP application servers, or as central and dedicated scan servers shared by several SAP instances and includes Docker and Kubernetes support.

Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions V4.0 offers easy horizontal scalability—automated with Kubernetes—for an easy and seamless move to the cloud. The solution is SAP-certified for NW-VSI 2.1 and requires absolutely zero code changes. The on-premises version features the same architecture that underpins the cloud-based hybrid-SaaS version, which bowbridge is releasing in early 2024.

“With bowbridge Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions V4.0, enterprises gain increased functionality while getting familiar and comfortable with the advanced solution they’ll soon have access to with the cloud-based hybrid SaaS version,” says Schneider-Simon.

Learn more about bowbridge Anti-Virus for SAP Solutions V4.0 here:


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