Many companies mistakenly assume their SAP E-Recruiting application is inherently secure.

Unfortunately, E-Recruiting has multiple cybersecurity vulnerabilities. If your company has not put specific protections in place, your application could become a vector for a massive cyberattack on your entire SAP system.

We recently tested the cybersecurity of actual SAP E-Recruiting implementations, and the results were alarming.

Download the white paper to see our results:

  • How cybercriminals may gain access to your system via common recruitment documents
  • The most common vulnerabilities that companies leave exposed
  • What a cyberattack could cost your company
  • How to protect not just E-Recruiting, but all your web-based SAP software applications 

Fill out the form on the right to access your white paper and learn whether you’re exposed to these critical SAP security risks – and whether an application security solution is right for your business.

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