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Joerg Schneider-Simon

As Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of bowbridge Software, Joerg brings decades of experience designing, evolving and promoting complex IT security solutions to enterprise customers. With his deep technical acumen and exceptional customer focus, he has contributed to the global success of some of the world’s leading technology brands.



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Jan 2, '20 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

A whopping 92% of malware is still delivered by email, according to Verizon’s Breach Investigations report.

The majority of these threats arrive in the form of phishing links. But a sizeable percentage still arrive as email attachments. And we’re...

Dec 9, '19 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

More than two-thirds of ERP systems were breached in the last 24 months according to a 2019 survey conducted by IDC for Onapsis.

ERP Security: The Reality of Business Application Protection, the IDC survey of 430 IT decision makers, reveals that...

Nov 7, '19 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

One day back in 2013, a group of hackers—likely backed by China—booted up their computers and began breaking into USIS, a US federal contractor that conducted background checks for the US Department of Homeland Security. The hackers gained access...

Sep 30, '19 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

In April 2019, hackers uploaded a series of exploits targeting SAP business applications to a public forum.

These exploits, referred to as 10KBLAZE, leverage insecure default configurations that SAP has known about for a while and had corrected...

Sep 24, '19 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

Cybersecurity talent shortages. Employees and vendors who think security policies are just a suggestion. A rapidly growing, AI-driven tsunami of threats.

The role of a Chief Information Security Officer is not exactly what we’d call relaxing.


Sep 19, '19 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

A whopping 90% of successful cyberattacks are caused by human error. Why? Because most organizations don’t have a healthy cybersecurity culture.

According to ISACA and the CMMI Institute in their 2018 Cybersecurity Culture Report, only 5% of...

Aug 12, '19 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

A whopping 96 percent of energy, oil, and gas industry professionals fear operational shutdowns and threats to their employees’ safety due to a digital attack, according to a 2018 Tripwire study.

Their fear is well-justified: 40 percent of...

Jul 31, '19 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

It’s an understatement to say that your SAP system contains and controls your most mission-critical data and processes. Keeping your applications safe and secure, therefore, isn’t a one-person job: It requires a team of professionals, all...

Jul 12, '19 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

SAP is your organization’s cardiovascular system. It allows mission-critical data to flow smoothly from application to application and from team to team, ensuring every limb of the company can function the way it needs to.

Protecting your SAP...