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Oct 7, '20 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

If you’re wondering about the cost of an SAP cybersecurity data breach, there’s a short answer and a long answer.

The short answer is simple, and comes from SAP itself: The average cost of SAP security breaches is $5 million. But, adds SAP, the...

Sep 30, '20 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

Security professionals who monitor cybersecurity threats have noticed an irony when it comes to the coronavirus.

In areas with high infection rates, school districts, colleges and universities are—quite sensibly—requiring students to stay away...

Sep 2, '20 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

When is the last time you invited a stranger to attack your network and penetrate your SAP applications?

This is not a trick question.

If you care about the security of your SAP applications, you should care about penetration testing. Penetration...

Aug 19, '20 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

Why do so many organizations use SAP software? Because it gives them powerful access to their data and mission-critical processes.

Unfortunately, that’s also why SAP is such a choice target for cyberattack.

If your organization uses SAP software...

Aug 13, '20 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

In 2013, cybersecurity challenges ranked in seventh place among the most important issues facing IT management.

Today, cybersecurity ranks as the first or second most important challenge facing IT leaders.

It’s no wonder. High-profile data...

May 20, '20 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

In June 2019, Bitcoin hackers penetrated the computer systems of the city government of Riviera Beach, Florida, installing ransomware that cost the city roughly $600,000 to remediate by paying a ransom. In that same year, the government offices...

May 13, '20 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

If your web-based SAP application gets attacked today, the attack vector will likely be a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack.

Cross-site scripting attacks remain the most common form of web attack against SAP applications, and the pace of attacks...

May 6, '20 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

Infected. Unprepared. Unprecedented.

These are the words that experts are using when discussing the coronavirus—but while medical experts use those terms in reference to human health, cybersecurity experts are having similar discussions about SAP...

Apr 22, '20 by Joerg Schneider-Simon

Migrating your SAP systems to the cloud offers many operational and financial benefits. SAP migration to the cloud reduces your hardware costs, makes backup and disaster recovery more robust, and improves availability, reliability and scalability.